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Today I wanted to share with you another route that we take when we go for walk and it it so to coast, it is very close to our home and also we have to walk through the old part of the town.

Kirkcaldy itself means from Scottish – Long town, it is because of location, it is just elongated along the the coast. In the past because it was very wealthy due to linoleum production and coal, you can see that many old buildings in Edwardian and Victorian style. Wide streets and so many churches.



Current Kirlcaldy is just a simple little town as many others. Due to location on the coast when we wake up we hear Seagulls, they are everywhere, probably no we almost do not notice them. 









There are few interesting places like center of town with gathering of old lamp posts, they are really well done and dedicated to few little towns in Fife, our county with their symbols. Seeing them it is obvious much is about Sea, Ships and Fishing. Somehow they are currently colored in pink, first when we saw it we automatically said like “Pink Panther”.







Also there is a building of currently local restaurant/night club the name “Society”very fashion, but I love the architecture of it. I need to find more about the history of it.



The finally we are at the coast, there are always many Off shore platforms usually parked not far away from us and also few tanker, transporting different stuff, sometimes passing by and on weekend just parking.







Here is a picture of the little town quite a bit remote from us we can see only the tops of houses with normal eye but my hubby could zoom it with his camera and you can see like you are there. Scotland is for green energy and living on coast it is reasonable to use us.




That is little trip for today.

Hope you will have nice week.






Our little town and North sea

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