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Five days ago we issued our last magazine and decided to stop our activity. Despite of announcing and telling the Delegator to withdraw their delegations there are still few of Steemians whose delegations are there therefore we feel obligate not to lose that Steem Power but to do the best with that.

@Art-venture account still voting the undervalued Artists and it will be daily Upvote of 10 Artists with 100% and today we just thought to do a Showcase of some of them to make give them visuality.

Such Showcase posts will be issued on and off there is no certain pattern when, but the matter of fact of having free time. The idea behind is to tell about the Artists and their works and explain why we think this person needs support and if you also agree with us please give that person you Upvote and boost up his post.

Do you like this idea?

If yes, please join us and let’s the game begin:

Today we would like to talk about very special Artists @kevmcc or Kev McConnell

He is our country man fellow one of the very few Scottish Steemians and the same time he is incredible Artists. He is not the person of many words his posts speak for themselves.

When we first saw his blog that was something that the Sci-Fi fan would just say: Wow!

He has taken one of his work as a picture for his thumbnail and that what the real Artist is he represents his world of imagination, creative personality and ability to express his inner world.

Looking through the whole blog of Kev, we can see that he was time to time concentrating on other topic such as the Beauty of Landscapes and Space. But nevertheless his world is the world of Sci-Fi, all his works are Original and unique, own creation and we believe that such talent and creativity needs support of any Curation trials.

Tattoo design by @kevmcc

That is also one of the reason why we do not like the idea of Communities, because that keeps people isolated as a group and the Users run into communities where they receive the best support of their posts and the Curator choose predominantly people from their community.

Mech helmet design by @kevmcc

Steemians please do not isolate yourself and look around, visit the blogs of others and give them your support because the others are also good and deserve to be rewarded.

Fantasy realm by @kevmcc

some older stuff

Alien plant # 2 by @kevmcc

Female bio design by @kevmcc


As always, fathfully yours,

@stef1 and @myskye




@Art-Venture Artist Showcase: @kevmcc

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