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Today my post is build up differently. It is dedicated to the activity of this week, I still have my watercolour painting but I am afraid I have no time, we must preparing to have a holiday tomorrow.

It was busy week at work, at home and also our son had a concert in school where he was playing piano, so we were very proud.

Today I wanted to show you another side of my hobbies that I sometimes when I need a bit of distraction from painting and drawing. This hobby is also a creative one, I believe I started when my son was little and we had to do Papier-mâché for his school.

My first work is a bottle that I wanted to made as a castle tower, so I cut small square shaped card paper that was painted in brown and glued along the bottle to make an impression of stone and some sand was glued on the top of it. Dragon has a metal wire frame, again Papier-mâché used to form body and legs. Wings are made of artificial leather my old pursue, dark red, the top part of bottle covered with other pieces of artificial leather of my old telephone book. Also you may notice some egg shells. My Dragon and its castle ready for painting. Only I need to buy some acrylic colours. I thought to use one that I use for painting. But because of that complex small details, I decided to buy acrylic spray.
















Three angels for Charlie





Recently I did few figures of angels, my hubby asked is that “Three angels for Charlie”? The inside of the figures are made of aluminium wrap paper, that is shaped as a head and body. Then they were covered with Papier-mâché, that I did from egg card pack. The wings from a card paper and also covered with Papier-mâché. Of course it took few days to dry. The only acrylic painting.



So we are tomorrow departing for holiday, therefore we will not be able to get internet access till Monday. That also means that our @art-venture Magazine will miss one issue on Saturday and we hopefully will be back next week.



Until then we wish you a nice weekend 🙂

@stef1 and @myskye

My other hobby: Papier-mâché and ready for holiday

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