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As you maybe remember from my last post, we were on the way to holiday, actually back to our real home in Germany. Luckily we still have it and because of that we travel light, taking only few necessary things with us as a lot of clothes we have here too. 

We usually take an overnight ferry that mean we departed yesterday and arrived today. For me it is always a little anxiety to take ferry, I have bad motion sickness, normally I take my tablets. Actually, my hubby @myskye usually reminds me and makes sure that they are in. This time I thought that he packed them but he thought that I have done it, therefore when we were on ferry, then we found that the pills are not with us. Only good thing was the North sea was quite calm and we did not have much waves. I did not need anything.






In the afternoon we arrived with our car home, the weather is brilliant. We departed Scotland, that was foggy, rainy and only about 8 degree above zero. When we arrived, we have had sunny day, blue sky and +20!!! We felt like we have summer here. 

Our garden is blooming, about 10 years ago we planted a peach tree, so the tree was full of nice pink-red flowers, with such intense fragrance and a lot of bees around. Some more blooming trees with white flowers. 













I have done couple of pictures of our garden, in the past @ultraseven was wondering about the size of our garden, we re really lucky, it is huge, the grandfather of @myskye built the house and of course, few generations already lived and grown up here. Garden had many time different changes and here how it looks now, the picture from our nice terrace. You can see we still have a Scottish Flag here, because even though we are German we are also a bit Scots too 🙂




I hope you have had a nice weekend.

We are tired, but happy to arrived and going to enjoy our holiday.



Finally arrived!

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