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Today we are happy to announce the results of “Photo contest “Mysterious beauty of Autumn”


First of all we would like to thank our loyal supporter and Sponsor @xpilar who believes in Steem and its future, who supports many projects that involved in encouraging the Steemians to stay, be active and Power Up.

Secondly we would like to thank all the participants for taking part, in order to make a decision about the winners we paid attention to those ones who followed the rules. Therefore…


We remind again the rules of competition.



Rules of competition:


  1. Upvote, Resteem the post
  2. use #art-venture and #creativecoin tag if you want to win CCC (creativecoin)
  3. Title it: ArtVenture Contest: + your title
  4. You can submit one entry only.
  5. Any attempt to steal other’s work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.
  6. Post a link to your entry below the comment thread.



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Winners of @Art-Venture Photo contest: “Mysterious beauty of Autumn”


First place go to @hangin: 20 Steem and 250 CCC (Creativecoins)



It was not a difficult decision to choose the First place, once we have seen the colorful trees of Kyoto with beautiful reflection in water it was a moment of magic of nature, full of breathtaking mystery of Autumn. Thank you Angelo for the photo, you deserve to be the Winner!



Second place goes to @gabeboy: 13 Steem and 150 CCC (Creativecoins)



Looking at the photography of @gabeboy it was the best refection of the meaning of autumn, the time when the trees losing their leaves, nature goes into sleep temporally or forever. The life has gone to give a place for new life in Spring. Thank you for your nice photography!



Third place goes to @bigsambucca: 10 Steem and 100 CCC (Creativecoins)




I was waiting for the pictures with umbrella and that it is, rain, falling leaves, man with umbrella rushing home in warm place. The picture that @bigsambucca edited creating water surface and reflection is amazing!



Next three works are honorable mentions:


@trincowski – 4 Steem



This photography has the beauty of old sandstone architecture and it is a nice story behind that about “Devil’s staircase”. Nice cold autumn morning with empty branches of trees and long shadows!



@davidesimoncini – 4 Steem



Nice angle of sun rays that shining through the leaves and making them transparent. The open nutshell that probably been left by busy squirrel. Thank you for taking part in contest and your contribution. 



@akinome – 4 Steem



Seeing this picture, it reminds me a long autumn day being on a road when everything is gray and boring but on other side I like such misty days, with some frost on grass in the chilly morning hours. 











Thank you for everyone who participated!


@stef1 and @myskye





Winners of @Art-Venture Photo contest: “Mysterious beauty of Autumn”

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