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Today I want to take you in to adventure journey for those who love Sci-Fi and fans of “Dr. Who” and “Torchwood” series. You may ask why and what the hell is “Torchwood”.


“Dr. Who”


This is my husband’s and our son’s favourite series, of cour I watched it because they were watching and I had no chance two vs one.

I can imagine that many of you at least once have heard, seen about “Dr. Who” series, that first time at all was on screens in 1960’s produced by BBC and the music was performed by BBC National Orchestra of Wales. During the decades there were many different actors who played Dr. Who character if you are familiar with series you know that on and off Dr. Who as a time Lord regenerate and transforms into another physical condition, that helps the makers of that series to replace characters after couple of seasons. 

The last Dr. Who character is… what do you think? In the time of feminism and rights of women… of course the last character is a female Dr. Who played by Jodie Whittaker since then I stopped watching it. For me the best character of Dr. Who is male actors who did a great job ( Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant ).



In 2011 we lived in Wales and once we heard about “Dr. Who” museum in Capital of Wales, Cardiff we visited it immediately.




Here are some characters and scene from series, you might remember, such as “the Silence” they look like the figure from the painting of Expressionist artist Edvard Munch “Scream” with their spaceship.




The other picture of a figure of “Cyberman”



But what I like the most is “Daleks” and of course everyone heard their quote “Exterminate!”



Wales itself is a part of UK where there are a lot of rains, no matter what season it is it is wet. That is probably why next to that museum is a covered Arcade with cafes so that people can still enjoy their cup of tea and piece of cakes or scones. But as you see the place is already occupied by Daleks too 🙂




This is Tardis from outside looks like a Police box, it is a spaceship of Dr. Who “smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside”






This is another Welsh favorite series that was very popular, it is a spin off from Dr. Who was popular in 2006-2011, the movie played in Cardiff at a pier it was a Torchwood Institute that deals with extraterrestrial life. The central character is the Captain Jack Harkness , who is immortal from distant future, who appears in Dr. Who is 2005. I love this series and I will do a drawing of the captain Jack in the future for you.





At pier you can see the Wales Millennium Center isn’t just a great place for theatrical and musical performances.




The Pierhead Building built in 1897, a national landmark.















Torchwood headquarter




This is beautiful touristic place with one of the old but good preserved Pride of Welsh people Cardiff castle on Castle street with its famous and unique clock tower.















Hope you enjoyed this little tour and maybe will visit one day.












Welcome to “Dr. Who” and ”Torchwood” place of birth

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