Hello dear Steemians,


You might all noticed recent change in the system of rewards on Steemit and also that there are many people using that in right and fair way but there are some who always will do downvotes just because they may think that this or another post is in their opinion not good enough.


I wanted to draw your attention to this post that made me scared to see how easy to destroy someone’s Steemit life:




I just wanted to mention that ONE year ago when me and @myskye decided to create a curation account for undervalued Artist, we asked for the support and delegation. I do not want to mention many Communities and some Steemians, who declined it, but @slowwalker himself was the first one who delegated us his Steem Power without asking anything in respond.




Who we are Steemians:


First of all, we are all different personalities, we are from different countries, cultures, we are grown up in different societies with their own values, views, political positions and religions.

Some of us live and enjoy in free Western World, with freedom of Speech and our Opinions and we call it Democracy. I am lucky and really grateful to be one of them.

We take it as normal and think that it should be everywhere like that, especially in the World Wide Web where nowadays many of us found their own world and friends on such social media like instagram, facebook and Co.

For us it is Steem, that is the place where we found many interesting people and personalities from wealthy countries and from developing countries, some of them we even do not from where but who cares, we just like to communicate with those people and if we understand each other it is no matter where we live. This place became our home. When posting we share our daily life and in the past we never worried about what we are writing about, but now we have to be careful as some people may find our post not good enough, not interesting enough and just downvote it.





What is good and what is bad posts:



Recently seeing what happening around, I have a feeling that you may receive downvote if someone thinks that :


  • your post does not have good photographs…- but we are not professional photographer, we just simple user of cameras

  • your post is not written in perfect English language…- but hey, for many people English language is not the mother language and we should not forget that those ones can speak and write at least in TWO LANGUAGES in their mother language and English.

  • the stories and pictures are not interesting enough…- that is in my opinion should be individual for everyone, because, we can’t all have the same taste, we are different, we are multi-cultural and that makes it good mix of everything.


Just remember “Star Trek” where many different species live in harmony in inter-galactic alliance 🙂




Be careful with downvotes:


Me and @myskye do not like downvote system, as many who downvote they never leave a message to explain why they made this decision, that in its place can cause the Downvote War, or the Clash of the titants, and that never has a good end. 



For dowvoter’s luck they do not see the persons face to face, being behind the keyboard and not knowing who you are downvoting is easy. It is like to make a break with a friend via SMS.
Being on social media, many of us use their Nicknames, we do not know if that person may be a retired Grandpa or Grandma whose hobby now to travel and post about that, or maybe a respected Professor and winner of some awards or maybe the one is just a 16 year old who was lucky enough, bought and invested his savings 3 years ago in Bitcoin and Steem because he believed in it and now has strong Steem Power.




Here on Steemit we forgot about simple respect to each other, understanding and patience that we have in our real life. Why we happily destroy someone’s daily diary, hobby and do not understand that we hurt them and just will make some people to leave the platform, this is not a good advertisement for platform and definitely will not attract investors.


At the end we just wanted to ask everyone to be more careful with what you do, be clever with that power of Up-and-Downvoting. Remember there is always a personality behind the User name and who knows maybe you are the next target of downvote trail.




So please… if you want to downvote someone’s post,

then leave a comment to explain why YOU 😉  made this decision.

( and do not wait until the 6th downvote )









As always, yours @stef1 and @myskye



We are Steemians: the thoughts behind Downvotes and the respect to each other !

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