Hello dear Steemians,


Hope you have had a nice day on weekend and as many of us we decide to change something for this new year. It is like to start a book with new blank pages and we want to start everything from beginning.

Have you also made a New Year resolution for you and if you are a person who follows the plan and reaches the aim at the end?

I usually do not plan as by the end of the year I may forget it, but one thing is in my this year plan that is to be more active, definitely to walk for at least 40 min both days of Weekends or when I am off.

Of course much depends on weather, when it is raining like a hell that is not a good time for walking then we use our work out machines at home.



this direction please 🙂


I hope like us, you too finding some special scene outside and not only looking at your smart phone while walking.

We wanted to share a couple of winter morning photos, it was cold that morning but unfortunately no snow. We were glad to have fog that makes the whole atmosphere mysterious.

Looking at the plants around, many of them were wet the night before that is why look frozen, like that one which was on our path and showed us direction where to go 🙂






As always all photographs are done by my hubby @myskye.


I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂












Walking in frosty morning

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