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Again back after finishing 4 long 12,5 hours days of work. There are many funny and interesting events happening around in our NHS branch. You could guess what is the topic…


Usually autumn is the time when I ask me a questions:

To do or not to do?


Of course it is about Flu vaccine. Everything starts with my mother, sometimes in October she begins to think if she should get a vaccine or not. Every year after vaccination she becomes unwell for few days, light headache, running nose and no energy. Every time she is convinced that that vaccine that she had maybe was not good enough because she thinks that the symptoms she had were Flu symptoms. Of course I try to explain that these are only side effect, then it seems she understands that but do not think that she believes me.


My hubby does not believe in Flu vaccine and he never had it, actually during the whole time I could remember he had maybe twice, once Flu from our son and another one from me. As to me I do not know if it helps me or not, but I must say while working luckily I had only twice too, one was two years ago and again luckily I had days off so could stay at home and recover.





Last couple of years I decided for Flu vaccine due to following reason:


  • working in busy hospital we have every year few patients with real Flu virus unfortunately that confirms after a certain test and you need to wait couple of days and in meantime anyone who has contact has risk to be infected.
  • if I would get infected from my work I may spread it to my family, so I would better to prevent it rather to risk.
  • the other reason despite of October there are already few people from my team had already been ill so what will be then in winter.




I think because nowadays many people prefer not to get vaccinated the department of occupational health try to do their best to make it interesting and to attract more people who get vaccinated.

This year’s logo is “Flu Wars-Join the resistance”, I was very pleased for such initiative and it was nice to see how creative they are. That is why I wanted to share with you few posters that we have around with you too and also would be nice to hear if in your family you also have the arguments about: “To do or not to do”




For comparison this is how it was looking last year:



I believe that this year the marketing dep-t of our NHS Fife recruited someone who is a fan of Star Wars because in November there will be an information day for juvenile Diabetes and it will be a dress up day with the topic “Star Wars”. I am really excited to see who will be coming. We may see many people in Star war costumes.


I wish you nice week and stay healthy.









To do or not to do: “Flu Wars-Join the resistance”

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