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Today I wanted to take you with us on our Sunday walk. Last few days the weather here varies from morning till evening. It usually starts with nice sunny day, during the day it is raining that slowly gets into snow, by the end of the day it is just cold and windy. Last Sunday it was a day without rain, that is why we decided to go for walk.

One of our favorite place is beautiful park, it is called Beveridge park, big park with a lot of different trees and plant, in centre there is a lake with seagulls and swans, people like to feed them and children have their playground at water side.





During last couple of days it was so much rain that this like artificial lake was running over and also we could see some of trees that were fallen and laying of the ground.






One of the little inhabitants of the park was little gray squirrel , he was busy with searching for its reserves, usually the park is busy with people, children and dogs that is why had no problem with people passing by and had no interest when we made few pictures.










We have had a little red squirrel in Germany in our garden and it also had no problem to be in close neighborhood to people.

That is why I wanted in comparison you can see the red one here.





That is all about our little Sunday walk and as always all photos were done by my hubby @myskye



And here we have a little bit of Scotland for you…..

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond – Ella Roberts




I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing.



See you soon Europe 🙂












Sunday walk: Sun, Rain, Snow and Squirrels

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