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Finally it is weekend, therefore I can spend time and write a bit more. In my today’s post I decided to combine two things first of course I have a new work to present and a second I wanted to remind our Artists community coming 1st Anniversary of the supporter of Art Community as well as any other creative person in any other field.



My Pastel painting “A girl with headscarf”



This painting today is influenced by the works of Old Masters, they did the portraits of woman usually the hair were hidden. This is also something that I like to do, I like this pattern of headscarf and that it is, I loved to work on this portrait. Hope you will also like it.



My step-by-step process:












The finished painting



Pastel painting “A girl with headscarf” by @Stef1

Sketch block A4 format, soft pastel sticks and pencils



Photo source






1st Anniversary of @Ntopaz on 16th July 2019


About a year ago, it was a day when @NTopaz was launched, as always people were not sure if it is long-standing project or something that comes and goes like many others like projects.

What I liked immediately it is a quote of @NTopaz:


“Shine your light”


It is simple but it has everything to reflect what it is about, it is a platform that invites them using the app to show their talent, their skills and just to share something about themselves.

There are many offers that @Ntopaz gives people to become successful:

  • It is a community that has good and experienced Curator in visual and audiovisual fields, Coordinator who keep the platform free of abuses, plagiarism and also invites new users and helps with any technical problems that user can face.
  • You can post daily and if you have a good quality post it will definitely get the support of @NTopaz team and the best 10 will be displayed in the daily Magazine
  • There are at least 2 different contests running spontaneously, that helps newcomer to be seen and learn new people.
  • There is a “daily comment -contest”, you should comment via @NTopaz and paste the link to that post in discord same named channel. Lucky 10 will get 10% Upvote
  • The other important thing that I wanted to share: the curation circle is 24 hours , it starts and ends 12AM Korean Standart Time. So please pay attention and avoid posting shortly before closure.


As it will be 1 Year since @Ntopaz started it’s work for us, Artists, creative people and Photographers, I would suggest as for any Birthday let’s create something special and Congratulate @NTopaz on 16th of July 2019. That means you have time to create a surprise.




I wish you nice weekend and I hope you will find my post informative.



Pastel portrait “Girl with headscarf” and coming 1st Anniversary of @NTopaz

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