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Today is a bit of another Art I wanted to share with you, because I have to work this Sunday and even if it is not something that I do with excitement but obligation and that is what we have to do on some days.

Nevertheless, having that last Sunday was different, already in October last year our son who is a fan of classical music and himself playing piano booked a concert with Chopin and Schubert concert of course a piece with piano too. That time we did not know that last Sunday is the one that is a stormy Sunday.

The morning started well but by midday it was already windy and started to rain, we took a train which is only 40 min to center of Edinburgh and walked. The concert theater was full this time and we had nice sits on balcony. Everything was great, music, the orchestra and places.







On the way back it was more wind but luckily no rain. At the train station there were already employees of station announcing that trains go only to Dundee which is more to North from the place where we live but that is the last station,so people who travel to Aberdeen and far North were they stuck in Dundee as there were no buses too.

We have a safe trip home and were happy to be so lucky.













I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



Our Sunday trip to Edinburgh

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