Hello dear Steemians,


As I wrote before we have nice hot weather these days therefore, i decided to move to garden to do my painting.

Once I moved into garden I saw my hubby @mykye doing some photos of our little guest red squirrel, that is according my mother-in-law all the time in the garden, there are few Nut-bushes and it seems to be its favourite place too.









Therefore I’m attaching few pictures of our little cute guest, who have no problem just to run around even when we are also in garden.



Now back to my work, my acrylic paper were all used I have only watercolor and sketch block. As to the topic I thouhgt about sailing boats but then was trying to figure out what is hte best, at the end I decided to use watercolor. I have rough watercolor paper and usually it is not recommended to use eraser as you may destroy the texture of papr. But to do the Sailing ship I definetely need a proper correct shape. So I spend now 2 days just on sketching with very light touch of graphite pencil.


So here it is how it looks just now:



Now the most difficult part to paint, the next thing I need to decide if I should use marking fluid to cover the area that I want to leave white. Normally I try to avoid it but because I have so many sails and definetely some of the area must be left white I think I will use it.


I hope I will not spoil it and the next time you will see the coloured version of my painting 🙂









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My little friend squirrel and new workpalce in garden

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