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Today in my post I wanted to tell you a story of one of the supporter of our project @Art-venture it is @slowwalker. You may wonder and asked why and why now?

The answer is simple, there are a lot of blame around @slowwalker some people say that his posts do not deserve a reward what he normally has, other people telling that if he will play according their rules then it will be OK. But that sound a bit like blackmailing someone. Anyway if people want to know the details about that then go and read the comments in his posts.

It is interesting how people change from one day to another few of those whales who supported him before for long 3 years now downvoting. That only gives me impression that those people did not really read his posts and it was just like in Russian proverb that I heard from my school time:


“Ты мне, я тебе.”


I scratch your back, you scratch mine.


Eine Hand wäscht die andere.


One hand washes the other.



What I find interesting in @slowwalker post





In this post I want to tell you what caught my attention to @slowwalker posts. Being myself originally from Central Asian I am interested in everything that has connection to Asian culture and Art. The other thing that captured my attention was beauty of Korean architecture, ancient temples and beautiful nature with completely different nature, that inspired me and became one of my favorite topic. 




@Art-venture project and search for delegator



In August of 2018 after being a year on Steemit and having 1000SP we decided to help small users, who despite of being talented were undervalued. We @stef1 and @myskye decided to ask for delegation but so that it is transparent and the Delegator know that SteemPower will be used only for undervalued Artist we decided to create completely separate account so @art-venture was born.




We asked for delegations/support:

  • @fundition- rejected
  • @donkeypong-rejected
  • @theycallmedan –ignored
  • ………………………………………………and many more !


  • @slowwalker was only one who immediately offered 3 000SP delegation asking nothing in respond.


I think for many “whales” 3 000SP is nothing, but for a new account that was good start. I was on heaven to hear such news. It was good beginning.






He is still supporting our magazine so that we have enough for leasing and also for running Art Contest in order to pay the rewards for winners. It is funny that one year ago all that “whales” did not care about a new project that was supporting undervalued artists, the project that had nothing and started from scratch.






That time they “whales” did not see small accounts and had no problem to do Self-Upvote and use Bitbots to boost their own posts.

Now the same “whales” behaving themselves like Heros but Hey, those guys also earning 50/50 on those content creators. That is even better for them they do not need to post just randomly walk around and upvote. Therefore it is double benefit, they will not need to spend time for creating a quality contents and also because they do no posts that means they do not receive Downvotes, they still earn much more on the posts of Content Creators.






If people really looked carefully in what @slowalker does, his posts about the Culture and heritage of his country and see that he is not only supporting the friends who earn more but also many small accounts, who happy to any attention.

There are many people who were supported by @slowwalker I am just calling for them not to keep a silence but please share your experience and share with us your story. That will help others to understand what @slowwalker did for them.



To this note I have another proverb that widely spread in Germany:


Säge nicht an dem Ast, auf dem du sitzt.


Do not saw on the branch you are sitting on.






Because we are all on that Bough that is @steem and we all connected to each other.


I created many Artworks and was inspired by many beautiful photos of @slowwalker I created them with different Art medium and presenting them here today for you. 


Hope you will like them.





@art-venture Supporters








Wishing you a nice day!


My experience with @slowwalker or how @Art-venture project came to live

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