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Today I wanted to present you my watercolour work of Venice. The place that was already so many times painted and drawn. I have done in the past few painting of this famous place santa María de la Salute, it will be never my last work of this beautiful place. Especially with watercolour, in order to reach the result that I wanted I believe that it will take me quite a long time.




“Venice” by @Stef1


Nevertheless, I will keep working on my skills and improve my Venice works.

As always a bit later today after a long day, but I am glad that I am able to present it before weekend. I wish you a nice weekend and hope you like my work.

My step-by-step process:








Final painting:



Watercolor painting “Venice” @Stef1

Rough watercolor textured paper 30×40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolors colors in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes



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I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting “Venice”

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