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Today I wanted to share my watercolor experiment of my favorite flower to pain sunflowers. I was always fascinated with them, as child I remember we were climbing to our neighbour’s garden and picking up one of htose flower heads full of sunflower seeds that we loved to eat. Now I think the neighbour knew about it because when he saw us on and off on the street he always asked if we want some sunflower seeds šŸ™‚




“Sunflowers” by @Stef1



The challenging thing in painting of sunflowers were many petals and of course it depends where they are turned to to light or shadow. I do not think it came up how I wanted but as always I am I do not like to destroy my works and will keep it even if te result is not what I expected, I think I will give a little time and try again.


So here it is my watercolor work.



My step-by-step process:








The finished painting:



Watercolor painting ā€œSunflowersā€ by @Stef1

Rough watercolour textured paper 30×40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes



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I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing šŸ™‚



My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting “Sunflowers”

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