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Finally we arrived back to Scotland today, the weather was trainy but on ferry the sea was so calm that I did not have motion sickness, that is great! I could enjoy my breakfast too.

Before departure my mother-in-law gave me her book that she used some time ago when she thought to learn watercolor painting. So the book is build up as tutorial with step-by-step explanation of using watercolor with different subjects. I found a tutorial of painting a human body, that is something that I always wanted to try with watercolor but was afraid of.

So before departure I spent two days working with the tutorial. Here it is my result.



My step-by-step process:










The finished painting:



Watercolor painting „Beauty of Woman“ by @Stef1

Rough watercolour textured paper 30×40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes










I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My Artventure: Watercolor painting: „Beauty of Woman“

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