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On weekend we were travelling again to Anstruther, little fisher village that I have already posted many times. The village usually busy on weekends as many people from all over around visit that little place. There is famous the Fish&Chips shop that won many restaurant awards.

I remember once when we were visiting the place I mentioned about that famous place, by the time we arrived, there were many people in queue outside. Of course we did not want to wait and decided to visit other one as there are many other Fish and Chips places but … of course the food was delicious but quite expensive and the portions are not really big.

Anyway, we enjoyed it, we usually I love cooking at home that is why we do not eat so often outside, so it was OK.


One we arrived home I thought to do the painting of that little village, I found my little sketch block that is already very old and only two pieces of watercolor paper left, they are very small size of A5, I decided to experiment and use this format for my miniature painting, so here it is.



My step-by-step process:






The finished painting:



Watercolor miniature painting “Anstuther haven” by @Stef1

Hot pressed watercolor paper A5, weight 200 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂


My ArtVenture: Watercolor miniature painting “Anstuther haven”

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