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Today I want to present you my new pastel portrait that I dedicated to one of the famous person in Scotland, this is our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. I do not know how far you, guys know about her, that is why a small introduction.

When we first moved to Scotland we found that there are as in every country few political parties but one of the popular or largeest one was and till now remains SNP or Scottish National Party, that supports and campaigns for Scottish independence within the European Union.

While our son was in his school and studied politic we also learnt a bit with him, the party itself was founded in 1934, with the time had up and downs, but currently it is the third largest party in House of Commons after Conservative and Labour.

Nicola is leading the party since 2014, but since 1999 she is a member of SNP, she studied a Law in Glasgow, what I like in this politician, she is always very well prepared to her meetings and speeches, calm and respectful during debate, especially to be a female leader she is doing her job very well.


That is why I was inspired by Nicola.



My step-by-step process












The finished painting



Pastel portrait „Nicola Sturgeon“ @Stef1

Sketch block A4 format, soft pastel sticks and pencils



Photo source





Also I wanted to share these couple of photos, our county supporting “Yes” campaign for “Scottish Independence” there is a small kiosk with some advertisement article and some news and updates.






On and off we have SNP information stands on High street and here are some buttons these are our collection, I love one with “Aye” that means “Yes”, that reminds me , “Aye, aye, Captain!

Here I wanted to share the pictures of Pipers marching along the streets, once there is some events like “Highland games” then they necessary part of it. My favorite event, one of the amazing part of it caber toss, somehow I have to think about Asterix und Obelix stories when I attend Highland games.










No organization is perfect, but the EU stands for peace in Europe for more than 70 years. This has never happened before in history.



Is this success no longer important today???











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Pastel portrait „Nicola Sturgeon“ or welcome to Scotland

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