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Today I wanted to present you my work from last weekend, this is one favorite Maritime motif as I love to sailing ship and decided to use again pastel because I still have Pastel Paper “Pastelmatt” which has such nice sandpaper like surface so that pastel powder sticks very well.

As to motif it is a British vessel “the Tremendous” that I saw first when my hubby @myskye bought for both of us puzzle of 3000 pieces presenting Combat Between The French Frigate La Canonniere And The English Vessel The Tremendous is a painting by Pierre Julien Gilbert (1783 in Brest – 1860 in Brest) was a French painter who specialised in naval scenes.




My hubby started initially built up a most of right side of puzzle and all around the edges, but them left it a couple of years later I started to do and it took us 5 years to finish but once the last piece of puzzle was places, we used glue to seal the pieces and bought a frame, so now it is on our wall, our hard work of 5 years. Now when my hubby asks me if I want another puzzle I say: “No, thank you!” 🙂


Back to my work, every time when I see that beautiful sea motif and such beauty of the ship, I always was telling to myself that I will do it, that is why last weekend it was the time.

I decided to do only a central ship because of many little details, if to so the whole scene then I definitely need to use a large format and I do not have currently. That is why it is only one “the Tremendous” !


I hope you like it like me.



My step-by-step process:










The finished painting:



Pastel painting “The Tremendous” by @stef1

PASTELMATT pastel paper 30×40 cm, weight 300g/cm, soft pastel pencils and sticks











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture Pastel painting “The Tremendous”

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