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Fist of all I wanted to share few beautiful Christmas trees that were all over the fery on our way to our Home, Chrsitmas destination. It was not crowded and people both holiday makers and custom control were very cheerful and in a good mood.








Finally after couple of days of arrival, I finished my work that usually every Christmas I do, to congratulate ALL of you with MERRY CHRISTMAS with my Artwork.

The Christmas itself is very special event, that is a family holiday when people once a year to try to get together and to have nice family days. 

As you know everything started with he birth of that special baby. When thinking about that I usually recall an anecdote that I heard first time in the English movie with Rowan Atkinson “Keeping Mum” or in German “Mord in Pfrarrhaus” where he played Reverend Walter Goodfellow and it was a joke about God that makes me laugh at Christmas.


…Once God decided to do holiday and ask St. Peter where he should go. Peter says: How about the Moon?” “No, there is no armosphere ” answered God.
“The Mars”-“No, I would like to go somewhee where there is some water” answered God.

“Then the best place is Earth” told St. Peter. “No, I went there a couple thousand years ago and knocked up some Jewish girl and they’ve been talking about it ever since.”

That joke makes a sence and this what we do talk about that event that happend two thousands years ago a Child is born.




I hope you like my work.



My step-by-step process:










The finished painting:



Pastel painting “The child is born” by @stef1

PASTELMATT pastel paper 30×40 cm, weight 300g/cm, soft pastel pencils and stick



Photo source











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Pastel painting “The child is born” and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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