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Today is the @ArtVenture contest „Climate change „ closed down. We have time now to look through the works and make a decision.

To accomplish the Climate change topic I thought to present your my work of a 15 year old school girl Greta Thurnberg, who started her “school strike for the climate” or „skolstreikjk för klimatet! In August 2018 in front of Swedish Parliament. Who thought that she will change the world, who thought that she spread Climate care among other young people in many different countries.

Young people who want to have a healthy planet for them and their children.

We the generation of 80’s were also concerned about the climate and you can see the nice video with beautiful Song, that was performed by many famous Singers. But despite of that now 30 years later we could not change much. Let’s help our children to change the world and to care about our place.

Artists United for Nature – Yes, We Can

My painting today dedicated to this little but Big Girl Greta Thurnberg.

My step-by-step process:

The finished painting

Pastel painting „Greta: Yes, we can!“ by @Stef1

Sketch block A4 format, soft pastel sticks and pencils

Photo source

Greta Thurnberg



I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂

My ArtVenture: Pastel painting „Greta: Yes, we can!“ and Artists United for Nature

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