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Hope you are all well and having a great mood as we are heading towards weekend, not for myself as I am working nights starting today till Sunday, but that is life. Therefore before starting my work I have prepared a new work for you.


„At home by Heidi“ by @Stef1




Today’s topic came spontaneously, it is winter so winter landscape this is something I wanted to do and while recently reading the posts of my Norwegian friends I found something that I thought that is it! When I saw the post done by @heidimarie with beautiful snow covered trees and little yellow house. I asked Heidi if she is OK for me to do make a painting from her photo and here is her answer:



While doing this work I thought that my sky is a bit too empty so I decided to amend it with clouds and a little moon that is dropping its light to my scene​.



My step-by-step process:










The finished painting



Pastel painting „At home by Heidi“ by @Stef1

Canson “Mi-Teintes” textured paper format 30×40 cm, soft pastel sticks and pencils.



Photo source


Colorchallenge Wednesday yellow. My yellow house. by @heidimarie







I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂


My ArtVenture: Pastel painting „At home by Heidi“

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