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Today‘s post a bit different there, the life is changing around us, sometimes it becomes busy and we do not have time at all for anything but some of the days there is so much time that we do not know what to do with it.

I remember how we started our Journey in Steemit in August 2017 and wanted to share it with you.



Our Journey in Steem.


Chapter1. Waiting




It was an ordinary day when I arrived home from work, my hubby was quite excited to share the news with me. He just discovered Steem and Steemit, looked around and found that it would be a great opportunity to join it to share the posts and learn people. Actually he started it for his Macrophotography, but also said that we can use the account together as I wanted to post too. 

My reaction was: GREAT!!! Of course I thought of placing all my different hobbies such as knitting and crochet actually that time I spent a lot of my free time with creating such presents to my mother and my son, some of my friends.

Nevertheless, the time passed, there are few days gone, then weeks became months. My hubby was frustrated and stopped looking into Steemit site at all.

But couple of months later when he almost forgot about, he tried the Last time and Surprise, we have had our account!!!



Chapter 2. First posts.


The first Introduction post was good, we put few things together, I of course, wanted to put my knitted stuff 🙂 but my hubby forbidden me that and allowed to post some of my Artworks only.

The first post we earned $0,90 and we were absolutely excited!!!

Then it was long time when we have had only between 0.00-0.50 but at the end of 2d week when my hubby was thinking to leave the platform that happen when I posted my Oil painting, it was @blocktrades Upvote and you see the reward.



I can say that was the moment that brought me my Hobby back.



Chapter 3. Regular posts and been active.




From that point on I started to do my Art exercises but how and what to paint or draw. 

When I was surfing in Steemit I found that there are Art Contests around and that is an opportunity to leave the links to your posts and also to try your chance to get a Win.

To tell the truth one whole year I was taking part in contests and learned many people around. Being active and leaving comments for the posts you like and answer the comments that is important and that was a rewarding step. It is a hard job and I really mean job because sometimes it take a lot of time to read the posts and leave thoughtful comments.



Chapter4. Support others if you can




After been a year here we decided to create a curation project, because when you are a part of curation projects your opinion will be discussed with others, for example Senior Curators who are there for some time. In my opinion Art is Art, everyone has his own likes and dislikes. 

I believe we should assess the technique, see how much love and effort the person put in and of course if someone sharing the story behind then even simple Art will gain on its weight.

Therefore, we created @Art-Venture with the support of few supporters who we proudly display in our magazine with the links to their blogs. We choose those who have little but did a great job and giving them the chance to be like on “Wall of Pride” and maybe they are seen by one of the “Whales” who will decide to support them 🙂



Chapter 5 Weak side of HF21




What we noticed while doing Upvote, we select the works that have little let’s say $0,04 and if we have 100% Upvote power of 0,22 Cents, but the person still receive only 0,11 Cent.

Because that person is new and that is only her 3-post at all.

If we do Upvote someone else who has more SP that person receives 0,22 Cents.

On the other hand many people around Downvoting because they have  now this new Function, people creating new accounts not for posting themselves but just downvoting around. I can’t understand the reason behind but this is what we have. No matter how good your post can be you can be downvoted like on Battle Field



I think I just stop here because otherwise my storytelling will be too long and if you like to hear the end of the story, my dear friends, please let me know I will continue in next post if not I just stop here and now!


Wishing you a nice day!










My ArtVenture: Our Journey in Steem.

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