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Today I would like to share with you, simple exercise how you can create an evening sky, with the contrast of light and dark tones. As we know sunset colors are warm and sunrise has old colors. So for my one I used, the range between yellow, red and brown. Of course you can do any painting without white, that is like the last line you do, without white the picture is not finished and that is in all the medium something like when you switch the light on.





„Evening sky“ @Stef1



My hubby again made jokes saying that it looks like “light descending from God” through the dark sky, or that one of the clouds look like a dog’s head. We have a lot of laugh, but he is my best critic and of course I really appreciate his opinion. He is the one who will tell me if something looks strange, not right or funny. At the end it is my decision to change or not.

So, enough talking, I hope you will like the color contrast.



My step-by-step process:






Finished painting



Mixed medium painting „Evening sky“ @Stef1

The painting done on Acrylic canvas textured paper, weight 400 smg, Size 27,9x 35,5cm, acrylic paints, soft pastel sticks











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Mixed medium painting „Evening sky“

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