Hello dear Steemians,


I will continue with our journey in Steemit and tell a bit about little nice moments that we experienced throughout our journey.





Chapter 6. Who the hell is “Curie”?



If you read my previous post you know that at the end of the second week we got a big surprise reward for one of my Oil painting. After that it was again a long time of minimal rewards but decided to stay strong and keep working or better say posting. Despite of that another 25 posts got every time less than $0,05 and definitely not more than $1.00. I kept going with my drawings and share a character from “Sailor-Moon” Japanese producer Naoko Takeuchi, that was my favorite mango in my teen ages. My hubby just laughed seeing me drawing such childish character.


But I went on.





A day or two later,  he woke me up and showed a surprise that that manga character also got a big upvote, this time it was “Curie”, and yes we were puzzled who is the “Curie” and how it is possible that they came for this drawing.



We also had many theories:


  • Maybe @curie is someone who lives in South East and that is why loves anime
  • or Maybe this type of drawing of cartoon character was something that attracted him/her
  • of course the last hope was that probably he likes our posts and our works and will come back 🙂


Nevertheless, now I know that “curie” is not a single person and most probably he is not an anime fan, but this is a community of curators who work together, search throughout the Steemit posts looking for extraordinary posts and giving them a chance to glance once and make them happy for at least a day or two. 







This is very important for newcomers to have such surprises on and off to know that there is someone who is watching you and if there is a moment when you think that nothing works for you and go to bed frustrated you may find a little or Big Surprise from such a strange name “Curie”.


Maybe then you too ask: Who the hell is @Curie?







Wishing you a nice day!










My ArtVenture journey continues: “Who the hell is @curie?”

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