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It is Sunday today luckily I am off today and it is sunny warm day too. Finally it is easy to feel that there is a spring finally there. It is quite in our town today, we have had a small walk and bought few items.

Once I was back at home I thought to so a painting, I still have an acrylic block and some paints so it was a time for a small exercise to refresh again my skills with acrylic paints. To tell the truth, once I make a pause using one or another medium, I feel that I am starting to forget how to use the other.


So now I am back to acrylic works.



“Tide” by @Stef1



My step-by-step process:










The finished painting:



Acrylic painting “Tide” by @Stef1

The painting done on Acrylic canvas textured paper, weight 400 smg, Size 27,9x 35,5cm, acrylic paints, flat and round brushes and knife palette.





Photo source









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Arylic painting “Tide”

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