Hello my dear Steemians,

Today I am back with my favorite Impressionism style painting, I love the quick brush strokes, without much to think about the form, shapes and the lines. I just take my flat brush load it with thick layer of acrylic color and go ahead. Sometimes the form is not right but I just want to fill all white space first and just to put the value right, the darker for shadow and lighter for highlights.

My white color

In the past I was struggling to color white shirt white or any white object white, because the paper I am working on is white. But recently I just accidentally dip my still carrying blue color brush in white and filled the space and it give such a nice ice-blue color, that was exactly when I wanted. Since then I love to experiment with mixture of white with any other colors. So on my painting I use very rarely pure white.


Ginger girl


The topic of my painting today is ginger girl. To tell the truth I was always fascinated with colors of the ginger hair, especially when they were shining in the sun. Also many of my ginger friends have curls and that is another thing I was dreaming of. People say that we always want something what we do not have that is right, we human never satisfied with what we have that is another trigger factor for our own development. When I have done my painting, again I showed it to my hubby, who asked me: is she a Doctor? I was confused, but he said that the white blazer look like doctors coat. It was not my intention to do a doctor, but I believe she is really look like a young Doctor, is not she?


The colors I used this time:

  • Cyan blue
  • Cadmium Red and Yellow
  • Burnt sienna and Raw Umber
  • Titanium White

My step-by-step process:


Acrylic painting “The ginger girl” by @Stef1

Acrylic textured paper 30.5×40.5 cm, paper weight 260 gsm, acrylic colors, palette knives, flat and round brushes.


I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂


My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting “The ginger girl” – first try on steempress –

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