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Today I wanted to present you my acrylic painting that I created with brushes and palette knife. I wanted to stress the white of sails, therefore I had to make the background darker. For sky I use the vertical direction of brush strokes and for water surface horizontal in order to show the different texture. The color is mix of blue, red and blue in some are I added raw umber and little bit of black.



“Sailing boats“ by @Stef1





My process steps:






Final painting



Acrylic painting “Sailing boats“ by @Stef1

The painting done on Acrylic canvas textured paper, weight 400 smg, Size 27,9x 35,5cm, acrylic paints





Photo source



The inspiration of my painting was beautiful photo by Madeleine Guenette, simple but the same time due to contrast of colors elegant.








I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting : “Sailing boats“

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