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After few days of long days of my working shifts I am finally officially off for couple of weeks of annual leave, that is great feeling not to think about the work and just enjoy my free time. Actually we need to prepare our stuff for journey and that is wonderful feeling. I feel myself once again as a child waiting for the Christmas Magic, even though I know there is no magic exist. 

Today I wanted to present you my last painting that I started already few days ago but finished today and wanted to present for you today. 




My step-by-step process:








The finished painting:



Acrylic painting “Sailing away” by @Stef1

Textured Cardboard paper 30×40 cm, paper weight 200 gsm, acrylic colours, flat and round brushes and palette knife



Photo source











I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂



My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting “Sailing away”

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