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Every year, end of the year I summarise what happened and what influenced my and our life both in reality and in Steemit. It is nice to have a glance back and recall the events.

To start with I would like to share my pastel painting that fits very well to current time, it is winter, we all have few days off and spend our time with children, with our favourite hobbies and this days on TV there is the shows on ice. Therefore I wanted to open my Art Gallery with this work, that is the dream of my childhood time-Ice-skating.



While being in Winter spirit I wanted to put together the works with winter motifs inspired by beautiful home in far North by @heidimarie and another motif is one of my favorite is Windmill in winter.



„At home by Heidi“ by @Stef1




“Sunset at Windmill” by @Stef1



Back to the events that we have had on Steemit, one of them and that inspired me to do a pencils portrait of a “Little John” and we donated the SBD’s to Juan. The story that was told by @done about a Mexican Man whose real name is Juan, but of course, he was well known as John, who was homeless and lived in a park, there was a bench where he used to sleep. The story became very popular and Little John received his own account and even posted for a while people supported his account but it was not last long, he stopped posting so we do not know what happened with him.



Pencil portrait “Little John @lvj” by Stef1



Talking about portraits you can see that this portrait was done with graphite pencils and was already almost a year ago. Now looking through my portrait works I started to use soft pastel in order to create soft smooth transmission between the light and dark values on face in order to bring my works close to realistic painting. After some time I decided to try watercolor. So this year is the year of experimenting with different mediums to do portraits. Of course I have chosen most successful works together for your attention.



Pastel portrait: “Laneya” by @Stef1




Watercolor painting “Patricia” by @Stef1




Pastel painting “Harmonica” by @Stef1



While being in summer on holiday it was another event that made a great negative impact to historical heritage and all Art lovers. Notre-Dame is the famous cathedral in Paris that is one of the must of sightseeing for many tourists, was built in 12th century, the roof as well as the Cathedral Spire were destroyed by fire. That made me to do my painting of Notre-Dame de Paris.



“Notre-Dame de Paris”by @Stef1


While I started to talk about the Architecture, it is one of my favorite topic to paint, I tried different mediums and many different subjects in the past, the most recent work I used watercolor, with a bit of struggle I did few paintings and wanted to present you. One of them is Hofburg Palace in Innsbruck, that was kindly pictured by @tomhall and I was glad to try my watercolor skills for that.



Watercolor painting „ The Hofburg Palace in Innsbruck” by @Stef1


Clemens Church is a sightseeing in our mother city Münster, that has such sad history but was re-born from ashes like a Phoenix and of course it was something that I was pleased to do.



Watercolor painting “Clemens Church in Münster” by @Stef1


Home sweet home, our place in Scotland, that I decided to try in lose watercolor technique.



„My home is my castle“ by @Stef1



Another group of works belong to my once again favorite topic sea, sail and sand Topic. Not much words needs to be told, just enjoy, I used acrylic paints and watercolor to create these works.



Watercolour painting “Waiting for high tide” @Stef1




“Lonely boat” by @Stef1




Watercolour painting “Full Sail” by @Stef1



My last but not the least favorite topic to present you today is a new series from “Star Wars” Saga with the name “The Mandalorian” it became immediately our family favorite series and while watching I am working on the series of Paintings therefore here are two of them.



Pastel painting “Mando and IG-11” by @Stef1




Watercolor painting „Star Wars: The Mandalorian“ by @Stef1





“Cat and a butterfly” by @Stef1




We hope you enjoyed the Gallery and we would like to wish you a Happy and Posperous New Year, Cheers!



As always, @Stef1 and @myskye



My 2019: End of the year review and my ART GALLERY

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