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Hello dear Steemians,


As it is Weekend and I am luckily free, I spent a bit of time for reading around new posts, news and just find what is going on on Steem.

I decided to squeeze a little post today after reading a post from my old friend on Steemit @xpilar. There are few thoughts about the same stuff and I believe many just fed up hearing it again and again but it is like Brexit topic for us, we are all annoyed but we can’t do anything and people who were good friends now not anymore just because of different opinions about Brexit.


Anyway here are my thoughts.



How it was before, my memory about 2017


As many of you already know we opened account in the second half of 2017. My best memories about that time:


  • The price of Steem was strong enough and many new people were joining Steemit almost on daily basis
  • There were daily random upvotes done by @blocktrades account in those tags: Art, homesteading, writing and others…. But it was regular and made many little fishes happy.
  • That time it was no rules about attaching the source of your works
  • There were many contest runners:
    #drawingchallenge by @helene, she sponsored from her own Steem the rewards

    #italent run by @ivan.atman and sponsored by @curie

    @marty-arts run ART-CONTEST on monthly basis from her own Steem.

    #drawingbetter by @sirsensei with rewards from his own post.

    None of these contest currently running

  • The time of just starting Bitbots, it was good for small new accounts to get visibility. One of the most unusual and funny in my opinion was @randowhale, who was normally sleeping and charging his SP but then after some time was awake and it was a funny whale sound calling signaling that Rando was awake. You paid only 0,50 and got a little Upvote but for little “fishes” it was enough to be thankful.
    I believe many people who had more Steem abused it paying sometimes 100Steem or even more and getting 200+ as end results. You can imagine those posts were in trending all the time. That was one of the reason for changes in Steemit.




What do we have now



Pastel “SPACESHIPS: NCC 1701” by @Stef1



1. Bitbots


People who are using Bitbots will be downvoted. I can imagine this is good for the platform for fair distribution of Reward pool. On other hand the User paid his Steem, that either he bought by investing his own real money or he earned with his other posts. That is his Steem, of course the user might have invested 10 Steem and received 20 Steem, but them he will be downvoted and all 20 Steem will be taken away. That means those strong accounts not only return 10 Steem but also taking away 10 Steem of the user that he invested, that is not fair..




I think in one of my posts I mentioned that when people downvoting it would be good to know the reason behind. Recently I saw many Steemians who really leave nice, polite explanation about their action and this is really great, communication is very important. We know that with chatting to each other we can avoid conflict.

One of the user had a different opinion to the reasoning of downvotes, he said that he would be more interested in the reason of Upvotes rather than Downvotes.



I can just give you one example from school:


If you are writing a work and receive the mark 1 (scoring from 1-excellent to 5-insufficient or failed) then nobody will ask the explanation for such good point.

On other hand if you receive 4or 5 (which means failed) then the teacher usually explains why you receive a bad mark, because the person should know what he did wrong and to improve himself.

Also we must admit we upvote more than downvote, some people Upvote between 60-100 accounts a day and Downvote only one. Does it make sense to explain that one Downvote or you still want to know the reason behind the hundreds of Upvotes?


3. Censorship-using downvotes to make the comments or posts invisibl


There are some people who chasing other people and downvoting every single comment of those people to hide the comment with their stronger SP. It is another bad side that Downvote allow people do, to make those people who they do not like invisibly for others.



4. Manual Upvotes by many ex-Bitbots


With new changes on Steem, many small accounts benefiting, we see the users who previously received between 0 till $1.00 now have above 2 and the end is open, if you are lucky man 🙂

Many users sound happier and confident, especially it is noticeable among Creative people, no matter what you do, posting about travel, cooking, writing, singing, producing art or homesteading. The accounts slowly growing, which is good for healthy community.



5. Investors


Without investors Steem and Steemit would not be able to exist and this is something that Whales, Investors and other people who have high Steem Power should know. We are all the part of Steem community and we can’t exist without each other. If we lose those ones who invested 3 years ago and bought much Steem because they believed in it we should not punish those people because we may just loose them and one by one people will start to leave. It is like a wound if we do not treat and care then it will grow and become contagious that may affect many of us directly or indirectly.


Let’s be thoughtful to each other and repair our “Spaceship”-Steem to create a healthy community and try our best to attract people and not making them to leave the platform.




Live Long And Prosper – @stef1


We are wishing you nice and relaxing Weekend.











“Into the Darkness” or #Newsteem: to be or not to be…

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