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Finally end of the week, for me it is already long Weekend, last four days were full of work.

First of all I wanted to share a picture with you of the Easter Eggs, that my colleague prepared for me and they were waiting for Easter holidays. The Easter chocolate Bunnies with wonderful creamy filling. That was very delicious and my son was really glad to have such surprise, when we were back.





Easter Eggs



Also I wanted to share with you our day on Sunday, the arrival to Scotland, we arrived after 1pm, tired and hungry, looked in our storage we did not have much:

  • 4 potatoes,
  • some noodles,
  • onions and garlic and some pickled cucumber,
  • a lot of flour and dry yeast.


Normally Sunday is Pizza Sunday, so I decided to keep our tradition upright, we had sunny beautiful day here it was +20C so it was nice to have a short walk to nearest shop, we bought Tuna fish, mushrooms and cheese. Here are my Pizza photo diary:

  • My ingredients: handmade Pizza dough, cheese, paprika, mushrooms, onion and garlic, pickled cucumber, tuna in spring water.




  • I had to grind my cheese in this chooper





  • Everything cut and grind




  • Everything placed and spread on baking tray




  • Here it is in 15 min in oven









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂


Easter Sunday and chocolate eggs

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