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Finally it is weekend for me and after finishing my long working shift I am off. This weekend is also off for my hubby @myskye, normally he is full time involved in restoration of our house, the previous owners left everything in style of 70’s and looks like were not really bored with the look and aging of everything. For us, we knew that we have to invest much in but did not realize that it will take so much time and work.




Since then my hubby became a “Restoration Man”, it is the name of a popular British television series and once when our postman arrived with a post and once the door was opened he saw one of our working room, he called my hubby “Restoration Man”










As we have few relatives especially from my side who like to visit us regular and have also children, my hubby now decided to renovate a guest room.

The room is not big but it is good size for couple of guests. Of course it was much work to do with in two areas, first ceiling. In Victorian houses there are nice decorated corners and those in this room look slightly grayish and there are some cracks, also the wallpaper was wet so it came off.



The second problem was floor, carpet was too old and needed to be replaced and also the woods were cut in few areas that we could not keep that. The flooring was newly replaced and we have carpet. 




As to ceiling, new isolated wallpaper for ceiling first the normal textured and it was then painted over for the corners the areas of cracks were filled with special fillers and shaped after that we used a special spray colors with texture of sand, that looks SUPERB!








The walls we decided to paint in tone of red ( Terrakotta ), of course we needed the lamp and decided to have a retro type one. And here it is our new guest room a la Restoration Man.


Hope you enjoy it.









DIY: Victorian Style house and Restoration Man project

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