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After having such mild winter it feels like spring is approaching, it is noticeable warm and in our garden we see snowdrops too. Once it happens for me it is spring although it might then take much longer till warm and longer days. Living here in North one of the deficits people have is Vitamin D, as during winter there is not much sun that is why once we have sunny spring and summer days people are outside.

We try to do for long walks on weekends if it is not raining on and off we take camera and capture something special like this time.





Sea and sky every day is different the same like clouds you never have the same shapes and colours that is something that makes attractive such seascape motifs.

This time we found a little crab shell but without the inhabitant, of course that was immediately captured.





Here is the series of coastal pictures of our Kingdom of Fife, Scotland, hope you like it.













All photographs are done by my hubby @myskye.

Camera : Sony RX10












I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing 🙂




At the coast of Kingdom of Fife

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