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This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art on Steem.




Once again we are here with the Top 10 that caught our attentions. There are as always many beautiful women on the portrait drawing. From old time till now women remain inspiring the Artists and also they are posing with pleasure as models.

Beautiful video of drawing process by @ciscorodriguez50 that will give you a pick into his skills of pencil work.

If you do not know @teungkumerdu but seen his one of other realistic drawing, you will recognize immediately his work on the features of using pencil technique. Very gentle and careful style, fine lines and always has freshness of real lively model.

@jmvanbreda beautiful portrait with charcoal, fragile and gracious, well done!

Another great portrait with acrylic paint on gauche paper is done by @barbarabezina, black and white, unusual but amazing looking result.

The next one we wanted to mention is beautiful present for Mother’s day by @sarau with watercolor painting of portrait, absolutely amazing, difficult medium especially when used for portrait painting. But excellent result. Lovely work!

While we are talking about family this work of @joaquinbd who is presenting the endless link between father and children in his very original way reminded me “Yin and yang” when one is flowing in another and never ends. Very creative way!

Nice Oil and tempera on canvas, colorful fantasy town, beautiful color choice @romanie, excellent and unique work!

@carloscaat is presenting his hometown with the street where he has his Art shop gallery, nice town architecture beautiful sunny day with sky done with Oil on canvas.

As always there are couple of animal drawings @artesviloriam created a macaw with blue pen, which is really difficult technique but despite of that the shades of blue is perfectly used to create darker and lighter value. Perfect work!

@achristopherart is another very complex drawing that as you may see he developed throughout many years. Like the last version, the style of drawing and the idea. As always amazing skills!




Today’s selected Artists


WATERTOWN. painting 2015 – by @romanie




El fruto – by @barbarabezina




Penguin(s). Pen drawing. – by @achristopherart




Mother’s Day (watercolor portrait) – by @sarau




Paisaje Chiguará Mérida, Arte Aranda Venezuela – by @carloscaat




Still with pencil painting, painting the figure of a beautiful woman. – by @teungkumerdu








Phoenix (2019) – by @jmvanbreda




Dibujo A Bolígrafo De Guacamaya – by @artesviloriam




Roxelis Mendoza TV ANIMATOR – by @ciscorodriguez50







What meant by traditional Art:


  • Pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic-oil painting , pastel
  • Always with a step-by-step process
  • Art works should be submitted under tag: “art-venture”
  • Sorry No digital-art !
  • Every second day curation of 10 posts with 100%
  • A day after curation for re-charging the power



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Art-Venture Magazine No.124

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