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It was a while since my last post, before heading to holiday I had 4 long shifts and of course after that there was no power and mood at all internet.




To start this post I wanted with a beautiful picture of Aberdour Castle that we visit on and off, it was built in the 1100s and located just a half an hour away from us. That is one of the oldest castle that is still in relatively well condition it is a nice little restaurant in it where you can have either cup of tea with scones or nice freshly cooked lunch. There are few people working there, they are all very friendly and love to chat. So being there it feels like we are in old time when people were so simple and helpful.



Nevertheless, it is not only a pleasure but work constantly going on in our house, it is old house and we feel it when we see like lately that the wall paper in dining at the window was wet. @myskye decided to remove wall paper at window sides, so we found that it was shutter made of wood but the whole wood was wet too.







Taking it down we found the pipe for hot water and the pipe seems to be repaired in past but it was three materials used: stainless steel, cooper and lead. There was a hole with the water leak.






So it was no other way as to remove lead as it is harmful for health and to replace it with stainless steel.



Finally it was dry






But what to do with the window and wall….



While I was working @myskye was working hard to finish dining room disaster before departure, he bought separate planks of wood. Of course we would love to use oak but it is too expensive so we bought pine as normally it is light @myskye used wood varnish after three layers it looks nice and dark, fits to our table and piano.

That is final result.



It is beautiful and we can head off for holiday now.




Hope you like our upgrade and till the next week.


Aberdour castle and welcome into restoration house

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