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This time on our way back to Scotland we have had beautiful sunny weather and it was +24C in Amsterdam where our ferry departed. Therefore, of course we were outside on deck and the moment of departure it was exciting to see how everything around was left behind.

We take the same route New-Castle to Amsterdam and back, the ferry belongs to DFDS Seaways, that is a Danish company and the vessels name is “Princess Seaways”. We usually take overnight ferry that lasts 16 hours, but we spend nice time, good food and sleep and in the morning after delicious breakfast we drive the rest of journey up to North, to Scotland.

Here are few beautiful pictures that my hubby @myskye took, as I was a bit concerned that I may drop the camera into water šŸ™‚



Here is the view from deck 8th, we can see fishing boats and a tug-boat hurrying somewhere.





Here is a lighthouse and if you look to the left in glass house there is a couple who waving the arms to those on the ship.




While passing out of the dock we could see a bigger cruise-ferry “Costa-Mediterranea” but there was nobody to see.







Here is the “little” motorboat that probably returning from a trip, it was a music on board that we could see and as you noticed the people were in a good mood and also greet us as well as waves their hands.




The next picture is my favorite one, so many sailing boats together, amazing!




Sand beach with the first holiday maker or just the people from neighborhood just enjoying sun, sand beach and water.




The last picture before we completely left the haven was a little red sailing boat, I love it and may be you will see it soon in my painting.







We wish you all a nice Easter Sunday and a nice family evening!





A long way home with “MS Princess Seaways”

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